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David Arutti is a famous award-winning singer, composer, and songwriter who was born in the USSR. At the age of six, he began music school where he was taking piano & drum lessons. Shortly afterward, he took professional singing lessons and in the next five years, he was the lead singer of the choir. As a child, he sang in choir, performed in school plays, and appeared in a number of television concerts. David’s music developed very rapidly since he moved from former Soviet Union (USSR) to USA in 1992. He continued his study in Seattle, WA where he entered the School of Music at the University of Washington and successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2002.


His first album “Beloved” was released in the summer of 2003 in Los Angeles, USA. The instant success of the album elevated David to new career heights. David is an international performer with a rich, powerful voice who sings in several languages like English, Russian, Armenian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Greek and Ukrainian, in the genres of Pop, Pop-Rock, Chanson, and World Music. In October 2004, David has been awarded with the golden trophy as a “New Male Singer of the Year" at the Big Apple Music Awards in New York.


In August 2005 David released his second album “JANA…” which features a modern style and shows the creativity and mixture of his songs and music. This album was composed, written, and produced by David. In 2006 David got invited to perform his new hit “I am waiting for you” at the “ANELIK 2006” which took place in Kremlin State Palace in Moscow, Russia. In 2007, David received an award in the nomination of “VOCAL GENRE” at the Moscow-Yalta-Transit International Festival in Yalta, Ukraine. In November 2008 David got awarded with a trophy for the nomination of “Hit Song of the Year and The Best Album of the Year” at the CAC MUSIC AWARDS in New York.


In July 2009, David released his 3rd album “Casino” that contained multiple hit songs. In November 2009, David was awarded at the Big Apple Music Awards in New York for the nomination of “Best Chanson Singer of the Year”. Shortly following, new releases of singles and remixes in the year of 2010 through 2017 proved to be well celebrated for. The hit song “Do Utra Mi Gulyaem” was chosen for the Russian comedy series, “More. Gori. Keramzit”, in 2014 which brought David huge success. In the year of 2019, David started to work on his new music project in Moscow, Russia. Elevating his music style to a pop sound, he was able to showcase his talent in new different ways. This new style was groundbreaking, as he captivated his audience from his new hit songs and earned more exposure leading to a growing fanbase. At present, David is touring throughout the USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, Europe and working on his next project.





David Arutti - Koroleva



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David Arutti - Ночная Ламбада ( Dj Katya
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